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It was the Chicago Tribune which asked this question – “Who exactly seeks out a coach?”  The answer was plain simple. “Winners who want even more out of life."

At The Sky Scrapers Academy, we completely endorse this philosophy. We believe that coaching is vital for those who aspire for holistic excellence. Co-actively engaging with our coaches can significantly enhance the quality of your professional and personal life.

Leadership Enhancement & Accelerating Program (LEAP™)

Enhanced self-awareness: 67%

Lower stress levels: 57%

Setting better goals: 62%

Discovering self: 53%

More balanced life: 60%

Increase in self-confidence: 52%

-International Coach Federation Report

Imagine yourself as an athlete preparing for the most prestigious sporting event - the Olympics. You realize that you need to give it your best by assiduously working towards your intended goal – the Olympic gold followed by the national anthem of your country.

To achieve this, you need access to the best possible tools and resources. After all, the responsibility and hopes of an entire nation lie on your shoulders

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Different strokes, different folks

In 1968, the rock band Sly and the Family stone with their hit “Ordinary People” coined a catch phrase – “Different strokes for different folks”, which perfectly illustrates several aspects of dealing with people and also is extremely relevant in the field of coaching.

At The Skyscrapers Academy we are of the firm belief that you as an individual bring along with you your own uniqueness.


Our understanding of this is tantamount to understanding the philosophy of crafting different strokes for different folks. Acknowledging the “real” you and assisting you to nurture yourself is the crux of our coaching methodology.

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The best advice I ever got from someone,
"Have a coach."

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