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C-LEAP - Towards Coach Mentoring

“When you empower people, you’re not influencing just them; you’re influencing all the people they influence” - John Maxwell

Effective July 1, 2008 – The International Coach Federation (ICF) requires all Portfolio applicants for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential designations, to “document 10 hours of work with a qualified mentor coach.”

For purposes of credentialing, Mentor Coaching means an applicant being coached on their coaching skills rather than coaching on practice building, life balance, or other topics unrelated to the development of an applicant’s coaching skill. This Mentor Coaching requirement must be fulfilled prior to submitting your application.

Through C-LEAP™, we help you to

  • Conquer the problem of test anxiety
  • Feel fully confident and prepared to coach the reviewer
  • Hone in and master the core competencies that the reviewer wants to hear
  • Identify your untapped skills to round out your coaching

We at The Sky Scrapers Academy have a panel of highly qualified coaches who guide you to master the art of becoming an excellent coach. Our Mentor Coaches are expertly versed in ‘listening for’ all of the International Coach Federation (ICF) core competencies in your coaching. Our aim is to give you feedback through the acknowledgment of these competencies. We provide you with both verbal and written feedback.



1.       Become a proficient coach

2.       Master the ICF core competencies

3.       Develop 'Coaching Presence'

4.       Get competent at questioning and listening

5.       Facilitate learning and results

6.       Co - Create relationships with clients

7.       Catalyze goal accomplishment


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