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E-LEAP - Towards Executive Advancement

“If we are growing, we would always be out of our comfort zone” - John Maxwell

Enhancing your personal brand image would definitely help you in building more confidence. This is one of the facets of executive enhancement through coaching. Understanding your need to have a vision for growth and thereby concretizing your goals brings about greater motivation and zeal to perform. When this is understood by you, it becomes easier for you to shake yourself from imagined limitations and surge forward. This brings in more energy, excitement and empowerment. As a result you experience higher involvement and greater productivity.

At The Sky Scrapers Academy, having co-actively engaged with numerous executives, we have realized that focused understanding through coaching is a sure way of bringing about a leaping change in them.



1. Enhance your brand image

2. Communicate effectively

3. Advance your career

4. Exhibit a winning attitude

5. Unleash your potential

6. Connect with your team 

7. Manage conflict, stress and time



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