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Coaching Methodology - Making the LEAP

Success is a journey rather than a destination. Our coaching methodology has a high success rate and has stood the test of time. The process is tailor made and sensitized to each individual and organization. This ensures accomplishment of your unique set of goals. As we proceed, a structured format allows you to assess your progress vis a vis your intended development.  Your coach is your partner who enables you to understand yourself and take the necessary actions to achieve personal and professional success.

At The Sky Scrapers Academy, we indentify skill gaps, provide support, and guide for self enhancement.  Our coaching process helps individuals and organizations achieve definite results.


LEAP™ - Assess
The art of success lies in one’s awareness of self. This helps us to make a better connect with ourselves and thereby crystallize our focus in life. A key outcome of coaching is the clarity of purpose.  With an understanding of this principle, we initiate the coaching process through an intensive assessment of the individual. For this, we employ scientifically validated instruments and tools.

We also collect informal feedback from subordinates, peers and superiors. These assessments help us gauge the individual from all levels.  This leads to a better understanding of strengths, challenges faced and also a thorough understanding of your concerns.  One of the vital issues, LEAP™ - Assess helps in is, unearthing the “bigger picture” and thus helping you separate the negotiable from the non negotiable, thereby giving you more clarity of vision.

LEAP™ - Assess guides and assists individuals to surge ahead by exploring untapped areas and opportunities.


LEAP™ - Goal Set
Once an extensive and exhaustive assessment is completed, you and your coach work together  to understand, evolve and refine a personal development plan.  One of the highlights of this session is to pen down S.M.A.R.T.E.R.   (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound, Excitable and Responsible) goals. Through a process of deliberation both parties agree upon the goals. If required, these goals are now vetted by stakeholders and superiors.

We work towards creating a ‘buy-in’ for the identified goals. This brings in a feeling of ownership and accountability.

LEAP™ - Goal Set facilitates structured thought flow and helps gain more clarity in goal setting by probing deeper into the aspects of an individual’s professional and personal life.


LEAP™ - Strategy
With the goals now decided, it becomes imperative to develop strategies, routes and paths. Together we establish creative methodologies that lead to the fulfillment of your aspirations. This provides a practical understanding of how the goals can be achieved.

Through co-active deliberations an empowering and structured format is discussed. This would take care of future eventualities and aid you in the process of achievement.

LEAP™ - Strategy is an engagement which breaks down the long marathon of goals into smaller and focused hundred meter dashes.


LEAP™ - Implement
Here is where the action begins. You start the process of progress and start implementing the predefined development plan. You experience a sense of ownership and move towards realizing your S.M.A.R.T.E.R.  goals. This is also a perfect time to enhance strengths and work through your real and ‘imagined’ weaknesses. Our experienced coaches help you to discern whether the identified obstacles are genuine or perceived and then support you to find a way to remove them.

Accountability is built into the system. This helps you and your coach to keep a tab on the progress. 

LEAP™ - Implement inspires the individual to act on their goals, manage challenges and move closer to the desired objectives. 


LEAP™ - Evaluate
The inability to check self progress is one of the major hurdles to achieving goals.  In this stage, we document results that have been achieved through LEAP™- Implement. This is an opportunity for you and your coach to assess the strategies that have worked and the challenges faced. With this taken into focus, we evaluate the progress and re-align strategies to ensure that we are on track.  Any necessary ‘course corrections` are made during this stage.

LEAP™ - Evaluate focuses on evaluating progress, making amends and if necessary re-visiting goals.

LEAP ™- Celebrate
You are now equipped with a new philosophy which serves as a life tool for lasting success. This is an opportunity to summarize our learnings, reiterate strategies and reinforce new habits. A time to give fillip to future possibilities and also to the inherent potentials that lie within you! We celebrate your abundant abilities and assist you to move ahead with zeal and conviction. You are now able to turn every adversity into opportunity.

LEAP™ - Celebrate is a validation of your potentials to leap towards abundant possibilities because we at The Sky Scrapers Academy believe that YOU CAN!

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