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Q-LEAP - Towards Quantum Leadership

 “Leadership is ultimately creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen” - Alan Keith

One of the cornerstones of organizational advancement is excellence in leadership. It is the leadership factor which takes companies to greater levels of achievement. Inspirational leaders with clear cut vision are the necessity of the present and the future.  It is through their inspired zeal and vision that the organization would be able to steer itself to amazing heights.

It has been seen however that leadership virtues do not reach their full expression on account of the absence of a bigger picture, non clarity of the expected role, uninspired delegation and the non availability of  a `professional friend`.  There is a need for someone who can challenge paradigms by asking the right questions and thus infuse inspiration into people’s hearts and minds.

At The Sky Scrapers Academy, through the years, we have worked with several industry veterans and leaders and enabled them to enhance their leadership abilities.


1. Refine your networking skills

2. Have a sounding board

3. Grow leaders

4. Balance work and personal life

5. Demonstrate exceptional business etiquette 

6.  Develop cross cultural sensitivity

7.  Develop personal charisma


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